• Do We Have Fair Trade with Nature?

    Do We Have Fair Trade with Nature?

    We live in a world where we keep asking questions to ourselves about the reason for our existence. Of course the current lifestyle we’re living - living in a robotic world and getting surrounded by materialistic things and desires - is not the objective. People often blame development and technologies for playing a key role in the destruction of nature. We say that it alone...
  • Know us : GoingZero

    Know us : GoingZero

    India’s first 100% vegan marketplace Ever since the conscious Indian population came to know about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, they wanted to adopt it from their heart. Finding vegan foods was still easy, but eco-friendly, sustainable, plastic-free, chemical-free, plus vegan everyday products? Too many criteria, not so many options, right? This is when the idea of GoingZero was conceived by an equally...
  • How can a vegan diet be useful for PCOS?

    How can a vegan diet be useful for PCOS?

    PCOS is a very common term that we come across nowadays. It’s all over the place. Every other woman that we come across seems to be affected by this condition. But what exactly is PCOS? Why are we talking about a vegan diet in the context of PCOS? September is PCOS awareness month, so let us understand the nuances of the condition, and see...
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