Good News: Indian Railway Going Paperless

Indian Railway Going Paperless

Indian Railways is getting rid of all paper work starting 1 November. It is using an e-office system in the Railway Board office to turn all business processes and file work into digital files.

With the launch of Special Campaign 2.0 from October 2 to December 31, this year, all 7,337 Indian Railways stations and trains have been cleaned by machines. This includes the approaches to major stations, waste collection, and safe disposal.

In response to a notice from the Railway Ministry, the Government of India has recently started a special campaign to get Indian Railways to use no paper at all. This is being done to reduce the amount of paper that is wasted.

The Ministry of Railways decided to start a special project called "campaign 2.0" in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's goal of making sure that everywhere is clean, reducing the number of complaints from the public, and improving the culture of the workplace.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Railways, the programme was so successful that a follow-up called "Special Campaign 2.0" was launched in September with a larger scope and more goals to promote cleanliness and good governance in all areas of work across the country.

With the Indian Railway's presence all over the country in mind, the Ministry of Railways set up a much larger scope for itself in all aspects of its work, in line with the guiding principles of Special Campaign 2.0.

The Cleanliness Campaign cleaned all 7,337 stations with machines, made sure trains were clean, and collected and disposed of plastic and other trash safely. This is a huge job in and of itself. The Prime Minister also praised the Bangalore Railway Station for doing something similar.

As part of Special Campaign 2.0, a number of events were held to raise awareness, such as "NukkadNatak" (street shows). Reports say that not only were these initiatives successful, but they also left a lasting impression and were well liked by everyone.

One of the other things that have been done during this campaign is the development of IT applications for the online processing and disposal of VIP (MP/MLA) References and Parliamentary References, such as those made by MPs during Zero Hour and under Section 377 in Parliament.

The Ministry of Railways has also decided that all paper-based operations will stop on November 1. Using the e-office system of the Railway Board Office, all business processes will be made digital, and all work will be filed electronically.

Notably, on November 1, the Indian Railways will use the E-Office System for file work at the Railway Board Office.

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