10 Tips To Travel Without Leaving A Trace: Zero Waste Vacation


It's summer time, and that means vacations. Vacations are usually some of the best parts of summer with all the fun you have with family or friends. They are essential for our emotional and physical well-being. Holidays can help us relax after a hectic schedule and let us feel re-energized, rejuvenated and ready for the challenges that lie ahead in our lives.

However, the problem with vacations is that they come with a lot of waste. To counter this problem, you need to take a zero waste vacation. You must now consider a zero-waste vacation! How is that even possible? Well, let me tell you that a waste-free vacation is possible, and you will be able to enjoy your vacation while also keeping the planet clean.

Here are some ideas for how to travel without leaving a trace.

1. Avoid beauty products packaged in plastic bottles.

Aim for zero-waste powder or solid beauty products, such as toothpaste tabs, solid soap bars, deodorant bars, or shampoo bars. They last longer, are multi-functional, are spill-proof, and are much easier to get through airport security. By avoiding plastic-wrapped products, you can ensure that less plastic ends up in landfills.

Shampoo bars

2. Make a switch to bamboo products.

You are doing our beloved planet a favor by switching to bamboo products. We all know that bamboo is a super plant, a versatile, renewable, and sustainable resource that can be used to provide an almost limitless number of daily uses. Bamboo toothbrushes are ideal for travelling. Because of their breathability, bamboo fabric clothes are ideal for summer vacations.

bamboo products

To learn more about Ways of Achieving Sustainable Living With Bamboo read: 

3. Avoid using the hotel's toiletries.

We are all aware that the hotels we stay in provide us with basic plastic-wrapped toiletries, so we can request that the hotel remove those toiletries and instead use what we have with us. Most of us are aware that hotel toiletries are never the healthiest choice, but how many of us avoid them? Most hotels provide low quality toiletries. Use natural products.

Hotel toiletries

4. Make a capsule wardrobe out of only the necessities.

These items can be mixed, matched, layered, and worn repeatedly. They can also be quickly and easily laundered with a little soap, hung to dry, and be clean and ready to go in a matter of hours. As we know, less is more. Avoid using fast fashion clothing.

minimalist wardrobe

5. Instead of paper napkins, use a cloth towel.

Use a cloth towel because you know it is made of cloth and can be used and washed multiple times. Paper towels are only used once and generate a lot of waste, which can be easily avoided by using cloth towels. You can even use travel kits and cutlery kits.

6. Choose your lodging carefully.

Because of rising awareness and demand among travellers, hotels all over the world are attempting to go green. Many boutique resorts and conscious hotels have adopted the use of recyclable toiletries and dispensers, natural fabrics, copper bottles, reusable packaging, solar panels, waste management composters, and other environmentally friendly programmes. Or, even better, stay at hostel to reduce your waste more efficiently. 


7. Think about carbon offsets.

When making reservations, choose nonstop, direct flights and avoid upgrading to business class (since it leaves a larger carbon footprint). Instead, set aside that money to pay for the airline's carbon offset programme. This fee is added to your airline ticket and is invested in renewable energy projects, tree planting, and other methods of mitigating the carbon emissions caused by flying.

 business class vs economy class

8. Transactions without paper

You can easily choose digital transactions to pay for almost anything anywhere thanks to the latest cashless technologies. Also, print as few documents as possible. To save paper, download them to your phone or tablet instead. Everything from your boarding pass and train tickets to receipts and e-books is included!

 paperless transaction

9. No to female sanitary items made from plastic.

Did you know that most feminine hygiene products are not compostable? Ladies, consider using menstrual cups instead of sanitary pads. Menstrual cups are not only good for the environment, but they are also useful when on vacation. You can swim, cycle, or practise yoga while remaining environmentally conscious. Let's just say goodbye to plastic and hello to the power of plants.

10. Plastic bottles a big NO NO.

Avoid bottled water because it has significant environmental consequences. Carry a reusable bottle (copper bottles) and fill it with purified water from airports, hotels, and restaurants. These are ideal for use in places where the water quality is unknown, such as small restaurants, public taps, or natural streams. Other options include water purification tablets.

say no to plastic bottles

It is possible to have a zero waste vacation! Zero waste travel is all about minimizing your footprint and minimizing the amount of resources you use during your travels. This can include taking your own reusable water bottle with you, refusing plastic bags and straws, and choosing accommodations that are eco-friendly. We hope this blog post has been helpful to you and that you will spread the word about how easy it is to travel without leaving a trace!

Articulated by - Palak Vijay 

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