7 Sustainable Skincare Tips for Dry Season


Winter is just around the corner, already knocking at our doors. This season calls for some extra skincare routine, for optimal hydration amidst the dry environment. Now, what if the entire winter skincare routine becomes zero-waste and sustainable? That is something which every conscious customer would look up to, isn’t it? GoingZero has brought exactly that to their family!
Today, we would chart out an entirely,Zero-waste skincare routine is aimed at the winters, especially for the Indian skin.

Read on to know!

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

The secret to happy, healthy, glowing skin is proper hydration. For that, optimal intake of water is essential. Drink lots of water throughout the day, that keeps not only your skin but your whole body soft, supple, and in optimal working condition.

2. Cleanse.

In winters, our body sheds more skin, as the upper layers dry out easily. Dandruff is also a common problem. These dry skin flakes tend to stay on our skin surface and new skin grows over and around them, creating bumps, blackheads, and acne, and a happy harbour of bacteria. The way to get around these problems is to cleanse our skin properly. Use soft soaps laden with essential oils and natural conditioners, like almond soaps (link), to cleanse the body and face. You can also prepare homemade cleansers to clean your face separately.


3. Scrub.

Cleansing alone is not enough for winters. The accumulated and free dry skin needs regular removal to prevent chapping and drying of soft body parts like lips, hands, and feet, elbows, knees, etc. You can use zero-waste lip scrubs (link) for that extra attention to your lips. Alternatively, you can prepare some homemade body scrubs with regular ingredients like coffee, sugar, lemon, etc. to achieve that perfect zero-waste target while walking the sustainable skincare path. Watch out for our blogs for such amazing DIY cleansers and scrubs which you can prepare at home with absolutely no hassle and experience baby soft skin this winter.


4. Tone.

Tone your skin both after cleansing and scrubbing, with any natural liquid that soothes your skin, or even ice does the trick. Pure rose-water, aloe-water, any natural aromatic oil-infused water will tone and prepare your skin and stretch out your pores. In absence of these, splash cool water on your face and let it naturally dry on your skin - that does the job too!


5. Moisturize.

Moisturize your skin with special focus to different areas. Use rich zero-waste, 100% organic body butters to feed your skin on the entire body, massage your face with essential oils and top up with a good natural moisturizer that suits your skin type, and do not forget to plump up your scrubbed and cleansed lips with rich vegan organic lip balms .
There you are. A regular night skincare routine with optimum hydration does the trick to attain beautiful, youthful skin all through winters. At , skincare and sustainability go hand in hand. Here’s to a zero-waste winter!

Written by: Sharmistha Chatterjee

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