Wood Comb or Plastic Comb: The Real Truth


Plastic Comb or Wooden Comb?

Which is better: combs made of wood or combs made of plastic? Did you know that changing your comb can reduce the number of hair problems you have?

But is a plastic comb or a wooden comb better?

Plastic combs are easy to find on the market today; there are a lot of them. But how do they compare to combs made out of wood? What you need to know is below.


YES! Wooden combs improve hair, scalp, and the environment. Wooden renewables, not plastics!

Using a wooden comb, avoiding harsh detergents and chemicals, and styling without heat can help restore hair organically.

We like switching to a wood comb and learning from holistic hair stylists and research. We now use a wooden comb to untangle wet hair after a shower and before using a wooden comb to curl and style our hair.

Why Wooden Combs Are Better Alternative Of Plastic Ones?

Plastic and metal combs and brushes carry a positive electrical charge, which attracts hair's negative charge, generating static and frizz. Static and frizz dry and brittle hair and appear bad. Plastic and low-quality metals are environmentally harmful and non-renewable, unlike wood. Wooden combs prevent static harm by not conducting electricity.

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Hidden Benefits Of Wooden Comb:

Wooden combs are gentle on hair.

Like hair, skin, and scalp, wooden combs are carbon-based. A wooden comb smooths and shines hair because both hair and wood have a negative electrical charge. Wood doesn't cause allergies or skin disorders like plastic and metal combs do.

Negative Ions Are Positive!

Wood has a negative ionic charge like your hair, so it smooths the cuticle and seals in moisture! This eliminates unpleasant flyaways.

Naturally Nourishes Hair

Because the scalp's natural oils don't attach to metal or plastic, a wooden comb distributes them better. It gives hair a healthy sheen and bounce.

Well-groomed (Boosts Blood Circulation)

A carbon-based wooden comb gently massages the scalp without bruising or scratching. The soft wood stimulates blood flow and oil production in the scalp. Acupressure points exist on our scalps, too. Even sensitive scalps appreciate wood, and the gentle massage calms nerves, quiets the mind, and feels good! The body is at peace when the mind is at peace. Mind-body connection matters.

Promotes Hair Development

When using a wooden comb, we tend to do so for longer periods of time simply because of how nice it feels. By stimulating the follicles directly, massage can promote faster hair development and greater hair thickness.

Avoids Fraying and Tangling

A wooden comb won't tangle your hair like a metal or plastic one will at the end of the stroke. Detangling is simplified, and damage like split ends and breakage is prevented, when you use a wooden comb to run through your hair and over your scalp. Also, you don't need anything else, as you should never brush damp hair and should instead only comb it.

Fights Dandruff and Scalp Itchiness

Itchy scalp leads to flaky skin, known as dandruff. Dandruff is less likely to occur while using a wooden comb because of its softer, rounded teeth, which are less likely to nick and cut the scalp or improperly distribute the oils on the scalp and hair.

Cleans Out Any Grime Or Foreign Matter

By using a wooden comb on dry hair, you may easily remove tangles and stray hairs from your hair without damaging it. Combs made of metal or plastic have a strong static charge, attracting and retaining dirt.

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Combs Made of Wood Last for Years

Combs made of wood are long-lasting and reliable; many are crafted from bamboo, a rapidly reproducing plant. The teeth are extremely durable, and if they do break, they may be recycled (hey Fido, leave that comb alone). Most wooden hair brushes and combs are made from bamboo wood, which grows quickly and is environmentally friendly (but double-check that it is indeed 100% bamboo). As our Wooden Comb is made entirely of bamboo, it is environmentally friendly and a great alternative for conscientious shoppers.

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Suits For All Type Of Hairs

Wooden combs are the nurturing equivalent to the best hairdressers, no matter what your hair texture is like. Because of the aforementioned benefits to hair health, they are used carefully and are a boon to the hair in general (and likely more).

Summarising Advantages:

Now that you know what can go wrong when you use a wooden comb, here are some of the things that can go right.

  • Wooden combs aren't made from fossil fuels; they're made from natural materials that can be composted when they're done.
  • Most wooden combs aren't made in large quantities. This is good because it doesn't encourage people to buy a lot of things. Because of this, many wooden combs are made by hand and come from fair trade sources.
  • There are many kinds of wood that can be used to make wooden combs. Ours is made of pure neem wood, which is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal.
  • When you brush your hair with a wooden comb, it will be easier to tame flyaways and frizz and less likely to get tangled.
  • Wooden combs spread the natural oils in your hair better, which keeps grease from building up and makes your hair look healthier and shiner.
  • Wooden combs actually massage the scalp in a way that feels good, calms the nerves, and quiets the mind. In fact, the scalp likes the feel of wood.
  • Using a wooden comb to brush your hair can help your blood flow and keep your oil glands healthy.
  • It helps hair grow. We use a wooden comb for longer because it feels good. But that also means that when you comb your hair for a long time, the follicles are stimulated to make more hair strands. In turn, this makes hair thicker and longer.
  • Less likely to get dandruff or an itchy scalp. When our scalp is irritated, we get dandruff. Because wooden combs are soft, they won't nick or cut the scalp. This means that dandruff is less likely to happen.

Why You Should Buy Wooden Comb From GoingZero?

How do you feel about using a wooden comb instead of plastic? You can't go wrong with our Homemade Wood Comb, as it works well with any kind of hair. The neem wood construction ensures a healthy scalp, removes flaky skin, and keeps dandruff at bay. Our wooden comb has been shown to enhance circulation to the scalp, which in turn stimulates hair growth.

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