Why Climate Doomers Are Going Viral And How To Fight Back?


Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed looking at the global climate change situation? Well, you are not alone. Global warming is prevailing rapidly, and it feels like humanity is racing towards its inevitable doom.

Climate doomism is a belief that humanity has already lost the battle against global warming. This 

view is false, but it is spreading online quickly. Climate doomers are young people who support the idea that our world is past the point where we can do anything about global warming.

They think that humans will soon be extinct and that there is nothing to do about it.

Given the current global climate scenario, one might feel depressed, overwhelmed, or anxious but the truth is we can still make a difference collectively with actions like going car-free or composting our kitchen waste, or making our homes more energy efficient.

Our Actions or inaction matters! We need to play our part as climate changers and fight doomism for a sustainable future.

Why Climate Doomers Are Going Viral?

The youth of today has awareness of the climate crisis like never before, and this might be the reason for mounting fear of its dreadful effects among the young population.

Isn’t environmental News mostly very scary these days?  So our eco-anxiety and depression are considered natural responses by scientists. Most of us feel that our government is doing very little to fight climate change.


Young people are pessimistic about Planet’s future because they feel that large corporations, fossil fuel companies, and governments are responsible for a big part of greenhouse gas emissions.

 So, climate doomers feel that their individual actions cannot play any significant part to mitigate the ongoing climate crisis. That’s why climate doomers are gaining incredible traction online.

Who Are The Climate Doomers?

The climate doomers are people who believe that humanity has already lost the battle against climate change and now there is no point in fighting the inevitable doom of planet earth.

It seems like more and more young people online are announcing that they are climate doomers. This concept is picking up heat quickly. More and more people are discussing the matter that whether we have already lost our battle against climate change. Do our actions towards sustainable living matter now that we are already experiencing drastic changes in our climate globally.

People are giving up on environmental activism thinking it’s too late for our planet already. So, there is no point fighting climate change anymore. So, why should we even try? they say. 

The beliefs of climate doomers are false. It ultimately leads to climate inaction, which is not what we want.

What Does Science Say About Climate Doomism?

Scientists say that the earth needs climate action, not climate doomism. We need more energetic environmental enthusiasts rather than pessimistic climate doomers. Most UN reports say that if we don’t take drastic actions soon, many places on earth will be unliveable for humans. 

However, Scientists also stress that fight against global warming is not hopeless.

With collective actions, we can win this fight against climate change. Science says the game is not yet over for planet earth or humans. We need to be active fighters against global warming. Adopting zero waste and plastic free lifestyle will end up bringing about a big change in the earth’s climate. 

How To Convince Doomers That It Is Not Too Late To Fight Global Warming?

So, if you are an environmental enthusiast then you might be thinking how can you convince the climate doomers that it is not too late to fight climate change. Well, there are plenty of ways you can win the argument with climate doomers.

When you are in conversation with someone who is convinced, that there is nothing we can do to mitigate climate change.  You can convince the climate doomers by telling them about past successes that have been meaningful to you. Try reminding the pessimist that collectively we can bring a change by going car-free and making energy-efficient and planet-friendly choices every day.

Climate doomers should channel their outrage towards the fossil fuel industry and their destructive actions by keeping an eye on potentially polluting projects in our communities.

Finally, you can remind the doomers what world history teaches us. Every powerful movement in the world like women’s suffrage or the civil rights movement was able to achieve its lofty goals because determined groups of individuals were willing to go to any extreme for achieving their goals.

Together we can surely win this fight against global warming.

Why Is The Climate Change Fight Worth Fighting For?

Environmental Scientists around the world suggest that if we stabilize CO2 emissions, we can curb global warming. In case we fail to do so then the temperature will continue to rise on earth. Ultimately our planet will not be able to sustain life any longer.

So, our fight against climate change is worth fighting for. Our action or inaction will determine the future of planet earth. Can you believe how much the world will heat will depend on our actions or inaction? We need more environmental enthusiasts to act as climate changers aggressively and fight for clean energy and plastic-free living.


Climate change is going to get worse over time, however, no matter how depressing the environmental news is, curbing global warming is still possible. Science also says that it is not game over for humanity just yet. 

Our actions can prevent the possible worst future outcomes. It can save our future generations. So, this is a fight that’s worth fighting. We should play our part to become climate changers. Small individual actions can mount up to drive big changes for our beloved home “Earth”.

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