What Is a Vegan Diet? 10 Amazing Facts About Plant - Based Food


Plant Based Diets

Diets are different all over the world, and each person and community may have its own way of eating. Some diets can also be misunderstood, like plant-based diets. If you've ever thought about going on a plant-based diet, here are some important facts and some myths to bust.

Registered dietitians and nutrition scientists have been talking for years about how important it is to eat more plants and less meat. And people seem to be getting it. A study says that plant-based diets have become popular, in part because the benefits have been well studied and many doctors recommend this way of eating because their patients have done so well on it.

Nuts, seeds, peas, legumes, and beans are all plant-based foods that are high in protein.

Plant-based diets are still on the rise. We defines "plant-based" ingredients as those obtained only from land or marine plants or fermented foods suitable for plant-based consumption. The plant's "functional compound" must be retained after processing. Vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and trendy ingredients like tree bark, mushrooms, and algae are plant-based.

Here are some quick and documented facts about the plant based diets.

1. Vegan Diet and Plant - Based diets are different.

Vegans avoid all animal products (and in many cases wearing them too). Plant-based eaters eat complete fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, and legumes. They may avoid animal products and processed diets for health reasons rather than beliefs. Instead of targeting vegans, plant-based products can appeal to those seeking more diversity in their diets. But plant-based diets can be the first step to veganism.

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2. By 2030, 7.7% of the global protein market may be plant-based.

Plant-based food could be worth over USD$162 billion by the end of the decade, up from approximately USD$30 billion in 2020. Alternative milk is the most profitable segment of the USD$7.4 billion US plant-based food business, according to a recent Good Food Institute analysis. Plant millk sold USD$2.6 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase steadily. In 2021, the US sold nearly half of all plant-based meat, reaching USD$5.6 billion. This is a minuscule portion of the USD$1.7 trillion global meat market.

North America and western Europe are the main plant-based markets, but Asia Pacific grew 30% last year, the fastest in the world.

plant-based food facts

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3. Oats and soy are popular plant-based ingredients.

Shoppers now include plant-based milk substitutes. Coconut, rice, almond, and soy milk are available. It sold USD$344 million in 2021 and leads the market. Oat milk has increased dramatically in recent years due to Oatly's success. Oats are a good milk alternative since they are sustainable, don't deforest, and don't cause allergies like dairy, soy, or nuts.

Soy is a prominent element in meat substitutes, along with protein-rich vegetables including peas, beans, and mushrooms. Tofu and tempeh are used in plant-based meat because of their flesh-like texture. Since 1950, global soybean production has expanded 15-fold, with the US, Brazil, and Argentina producing roughly 80%. Many incorrectly blame the plant-based business for the environmental damage caused by soy farms, which cause widespread deforestation, soil erosion, and water contamination due to rising demand. However, approximately 90% of soybeans are fed to farmed animals and only 6% are used to make soy-based products for humans.

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4. Plant-Based Milk is the Most Advanced Alt Protein Category

plant-based food facts
Alternative milk dominates the plant-based market and continues to profit from product innovation and greater selection. Plant-based drinks sold USD$2.6 billion in 2021, up 33% in three years. In comparison, cow's and other animal milk lost USD$264 million that year.
Plant-based eggs, which had the fewest products, grew the fastest. In 2021, alternative egg sales reached USD$39 million, up 1,000% from 2018. To compensate for a scarcity of supply, egg substitute research has also increased.

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5. Plant-based diets are gut-friendly.

Plants have plenty of fibre, which feeds gut microorganisms. Probiotics and fermented substances can help you prove your plant-based products' "healthy for gut" claim by improving the gut microbiome, digestive system, and absorption of minerals like calcium. This can boost the appeal of your plant-based products as gut-friendly foods become more popular.

6. Plant-based diets may save money.

Animal protein is pricey. Plant-based diets are usually cheaper than meat-rich diets. A plant-based diet may help you save money if you have a family to feed. It may also allow you to spend more on healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, which are essential for long-term health regardless of diet.


7. Not all Plant - based diets are healthy.

If your plant-based diet includes processed meat replacements, packaged items, plant-based baked goods, juices, and refined grains, you may be losing the health benefits of entire plants.

Instead, choose fiber-rich whole vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains. For a healthy lifestyle, eat these nutrients daily.

Raising animals for milk production or slaughter uses more space, water, food, and greenhouse gases than growing plant-based protein. Due to the environmental impact of animal husbandry, a plant-based diet is more sustainable than a meat-rich diet. And trust me, it's super easy to adapt.

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