Want Ganesha to stay with you forever? Plant him!


Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and vigor across India, and especially so in the Western parts of India, centered around Maharashtra. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the Hindu God of wisdom and prosperity, and the day marks the start of new beginnings. It is a festival of hope and happiness.

But at the end of all the pomp and festivity, lies the event of Ganesh Visarjan, where the idols are immersed in water, as per common Hindu rituals, just like any other deity. This marks the event of the God going back to His abode of perennial stay. This pious ritual, however, has now become hurtful to the eye of environmentalists like me, who have done extensive research on the effects of idol immersion in water bodies. In the old times, the idols were simple; they were made of natural clay and painted with organic colors, and decorated with flowers. However, over the years, the extensive use of heavy metals-loaded chemical colors and decorations made of plastic and thermocol (polystyrene) has led to serious pollution of the water bodies in which these idols are immersed. They have caused all sorts of aquatic distress, from heavy-metal poisoning to an increase in water acidity, to the blocking of sunlight, and plastic dumps, blocking the natural flow of water and subsequent stagnation, thereby killing aquatic life and badly affecting the food web and in turn, the natural balance of the earth.

And hence, came the inevitable question.

Do we have to sacrifice our culture for the sake of the environment?

It was a difficult question, and most of the logical thinkers chose the path of sacrifice, and over the years, distanced themselves from polluting rituals like these and spread awareness about the harmful effects of idol immersion.

But as we delved deeper into finding solutions for the greater problem of pollution, human-induced environmental disturbances, and global climate crisis, what we found was revolutionary. Evidently, our ancestors were far wiser than us, and whatever rituals they conducted used to be simple and environment-friendly. As an added feature, those activities awakened the common man socially and spiritually. With the progress of time, it was us, the more recent generations, who adulterated those rituals and traditions with easier and cheaper alternatives, not batting an eyelid towards the massively disastrous environmental consequences they would create. And now, it’s time to undo what damage has been done.


One step further into the greater solution is here finally - the Plantable Bappa! Going Zero teamed up with the very foresighted eco-friendly teams at Eco Bappa and Guddee, to create the eco-friendly Ganesha. This was a simple solution - to follow the path of our ancestors - a simple, minimalist, eco-friendly path that broadens our minds and elevates our spirituality. Like the olden times, this eco-friendly Ganesh idol is completely made out of natural clay and painted with 100% organic colors. Our partners went one step further to incorporate a seed into the idols, to create the Plantable Ganesha, so that when the idol is immersed, the seed is automatically sown into the washed clay, and grows into a tree with time. This serves a wide range of purposes - one, we do not have to sacrifice our age-old culture for the environment, or vice-versa, and two, with the ingrained seed inside the idol, our Bappa now stays with us forever in the form of a tree that remains tall and standing, giving us shade, joy, and bliss, just like the Lord himself! And yes, you plant a tree with every Ganesh Chaturthi you celebrate, and hence, you leave behind greens instead of elevated carbon footprints!

These eco-friendly Ganesh idols can be symbolically immersed in the backyard or lawns, where the clay mound with the seed can be perfected into a sown area. The emerging sapling can then be nourished and cared for, so as to let it grow into a full-fledged tree. Our Eco-Bappa serves the greater purpose of bringing you closer to the environment and serving nature in her full glory.

Our seed-Ganesha idols are in line to be dispatched to various locations in and around Mumbai, India, for now. You can check them out and pre-order them at You can also check us out on Instagram.


Get your seed-Ganesh ji today, and be one step ahead in serving Bappa with the best offering you could have made - elevating your conscience and spirituality, and your belongingness and positive contribution towards nature.

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