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India’s first 100% vegan marketplace

Ever since the conscious Indian population came to know about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, they wanted to adopt it from their heart. Finding vegan foods was still easy, but eco-friendly, sustainable, plastic-free, chemical-free, plus vegan everyday products? Too many criteria, not so many options, right? This is when the idea of GoingZero was conceived by an equally conscious Indian millennial, and that spread across to a dedicated team working relentlessly to provide you with all that you had ever wanted - to shop everyday products that suit all of your criteria, plus more : shopping ethically, supporting small, local manufacturers.

The idea


As the idea closed in towards fruition, the team was getting ready. It was a small one, but was rigorously assembled, with the founder Naman Sharma himself assessing each prospective team member’s inclination towards nature, values and ethics. Subsequently, the assemblage was one that was inclusive, and valued ethics more than profit. This was the prime reason why only small local businesses and manufacturers were given top priority while listing products on our e-commerce website. The final team consisted of nature-driven individuals belonging from different regions, spanning the length and width of the country, working remotely, flagging the idea of resource-conservation. Joining hands with our co-founders, one of them being the highly driven environmentalist and water-warrior Sagar Singh, we embarked upon this journey of providing you the choicest alternatives for a sustainable, vegan lifestyle, devoid of plastic and chemicals.
While others may know us by the tags ‘zero-waste store in India’, or ‘plastic-free store in India’, we would like to proudly call ourselves as the country’s first 100% vegan, ethical e-commerce marketplace for a zero-waste lifestyle.


How do we work?


The GoingZero team members are based remotely, and are given the choice of flexi-working style. Our working hours are not delineated or fixed, and the members work according to their individual convenience of timings, while communicating thoroughly at every point. We are a result-driven team that focuses on mental health and well-being as the precursor to a productive life at work. The team works together as a compassionate family, and is like a mini-India with members from every region of India. The departments are small, efficient and interdependent. The marketing, content, and operations departments perform with their utmost dedication for the greater cause of providing the best  zero-waste lifestyle products and information to people and bringing them closer to nature with each successive step. The organization prioritizes the family lives of team-members and joyfully participates in all of their events. It’s great to be a part of this wonder-team!


How do we enlist products?


Every product that you find on our website be it the handmade cases or tooth powders  or scrubs is sourced from Indian eco-conscious sellers who in their own little ways are trying their best to salvage the environment while trying to make a living. We prioritize product quality above everything else, and each product is tested by the team members themselves before they are enlisted on the website. While we focus on sustainable, ethical economy by supporting local sellers, product quality is something that we are very rigid about, and each one of the products have to pass through a rigorous quality check process, where the team checklists whether a product fully suits all of our criteria - natural, plastic-free, chemical-free, vegan, not tested on animals, sustainable, and essentially zero-waste in nature. Our vendors trust us and we are happy to share a family with all of them.


Our operations

GoingZero’s workflow is based on trust and dependency. We work remotely and value each other’s work timings and availability. No one is specially treated here, and it’s actually a dream working environment! Each team-member works diligently and respects one another. We work remotely as of now, but we sure do have plans of establishing one physical workplace, as we grow more.

Where are we heading to?

When we started, we were only 6 people. We did not know how much we could progress, or how much we would affect people. Slowly but steadily, we grew in number and in the extent of our presence in your hearts! We got accepted by you, and that became our driving force behind realising our goals of India’s first vegan and the best ethical e-commerce marketplace, to heal the environment at large. We - us and you, are tied together in this journey towards a sustainable future, and together, with every step that we take, we will be going zero.

If you like us, you know us already. :)

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