8 Effective Tips To Lead A Plastic-Free Life With Kids


Do you have a goal of creating a plastic-free environment for your kids, but it seems impossible in this day and age of consumerism? A plastic-free life is one of those ideals that can survive the reality of having a child. It won’t always be easy, but it is certainly possible.

While reducing plastic products from your kid’s lifestyle might seem too big a feat, you can achieve this by making simple but conscious decisions.


1. Create Awareness Among Your Kids About The Plastic Problem

During the initial years of your growing children, it’s important we teach them about environmental protection and reducing our footprint. It might be difficult at first for our little ones to comprehend climate change or pollution problems.

However, much like everything else, one of the best ways to teach our kids is to lead by example. You can be a great example for your kids by Making conscious efforts about your zero-waste mission. Try practicing recycling at home as a family or in activities such as local beach cleanup.

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2. Use Bamboo Toothbrushes For Your Family

Do you know that a plastic toothbrush can take almost stay 1,000 years in landfills before it decomposes?

A bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable. It is an amazing alternative and contains zero plastic.

When your children are done using their bamboo toothbrushes, you can simply shave off the bristles and the handle of the brush can be added to your compost.

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3. Swap Your Bottle Of Shampoo With The Shampoo Bar

Bath times are a lot more fun without tangled hairs or soap in the eyes. Shampoo bars are not only very nutritious for the hair, but they also greatly reduce the plastic use of your kids.

We love the Natural Shampoo Bar by Kamarkattu Eco Store which is ideal for the whole family.

4. Opt For Solid Soap

Ditch the liquid baby bath soaps and go for a solid soap bar that is packaged in plastic-free packaging and made from all-natural ingredients. Solid soap bars are not only long-lasting, but they also eliminate the need for loofahs or cloth. These bars give your child a great bath experience, the natural fragrance and goodness are a pure joy to experience. Solid soap does a great job at cleaning dirt and grime as well.

5. Buy Used Toys Or Exchange Them

Most kids’ toys nowadays are entirely made from plastic. So, because of this leading a plastic-free life with kids often seems incredibly hard.

One of the ways to eliminate plastic in your house is to buy used toys or exchange them instead of buying new ones. Buying used toys is an efficient way to reduce disposable plastic toys. You could also exchange toys with your friends and encourage a group to rotate toys when the children lose interest.

6. Prefer Cooking At Home

Pre-made food items or snacks can lead to generating a huge amount of plastic waste. However, it might not be possible to cook everything at home at all times, some sort of food prep or planning can have a huge impact on reducing your plastic use and providing nutritious food to your kids.

7. Ditch Single-Use Plastics

signle used plastic

Switching to reusables from single-use plastic products is more convenient than ever before with many great options available.

You can simply start by swapping your kid’s plastic school lunchbox for a stainless-steel box. Choose a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottled water.

Always Keep a bag handy whenever you are out with your kids which contains reusable products like straws, cutlery, or plates.

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8. Host Plastic-Free Parties For Your Kids

Lets us admit this, as parents we have to host a lot of parties for our kids.
these parties often have many plastic products such as party supplies and decorations. Instead of purchasing the usual plastic party supplies, choose eco-friendly and reusable options.

You can opt for reusable tableware or opt for bamboo products. You can create your party treats to avoid plastic packaging as much as you can.


It might seem impossible to lead a completely plastic-free life with kids, although there are ways in which you can significantly reduce your kid’s plastic consumption by making a conscious eco-friendly decision in your day-to-day life.


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