Eco-friendly Ideas To Wrap Your Gifts


Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Every holiday season, India households dump nearly 25% extra rubbish. This number includes gift-wrapping supplies. Shiny, glittery wrapping paper, ribbons, and plastic bows wind up in landfills.

Buying too much non-recyclable wrapping paper and decorations and then tossing them away is a problem. If every US family wrapped just 3 holiday gifts in reusable materials, enough paper would be saved to fill 45,000 football fields. Sustainability's modest steps matter.

1. What Are The Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives?

Most eco-friendly gift wraps are:
  • Fabric wrapreusable
  • Recycled packaging
  • Furoshiki
  • Gift-wrapping DIY
  • Gift bag reuse

2. Why is conventional wrapping paper unsustainable?

Conventional wrapping paper purchased in stores or supermarkets isn't sustainable because it's created from low-quality fibres that are coloured, coated in plastic, and embellished with glitter (also plastic), making it nearly impossible to recycle.
It's wrapped in non-recyclable film, taped with plastic, then thrown away.
Imagine millions doing that worldwide. Isn't pretty?

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Which is more sustainable: plastic or paper?

Plastic wrapping paper is made from crude oil, a major contributor to climate change, hence it's not a sustainable substance.
Fracking causes oil spills, water contamination, and air pollution (plus the companies responsible barely get a slap on the wrist and then continue to receive millions in tax credits).
You should be more bothered by fossil fuels than your weekly trash. We consumers can do our best, but we'll never be zero waste, so plastic manufacturers must alter.
Wrapping Problems 100% Paper gift wrap sounds eco-friendly until you examine its source.
When we cut down trees, they release carbon into the atmosphere. Humans adore excess and cut down many trees.
"But we can grow trees!"
Yes! I swear.

Plastic Free Quotes

Trees grow slowly and there's no guarantee they won't be taken down again. Deforestation causes climate change, yet demand for paper and timber keeps it going.
22 million hectares have been chopped down in 2022. (a hectare is roughly the size of 2.5 football fields).

Also, water. 1 tonne of paper requires 2,700 litres of water.
Answer? We must abandon our waste culture and use recycled paper.

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4. Upcycling is The Best Option?

Use what you already have to help the earth (and your wallet).

Before you buy gorgeous sustainable wrapping choices (since local businesses make better, higher-quality items than supermarkets), give out the present bags that have been in your pantry for 10 years. Before buying more, use last year's plastic wrap.

This is eco-friendly.

After that, seek for a trusted UK brand with a transparent supply chain and a low-impact product. I've done that part of your task today.

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5. How About Using A Newspaper?

Using already-existing paper is a sustainable option. Newspapers abound.
Ask folks who have read the book whether you can take their unsold copies.
Reuse gift wrap to save money.
Keep gift bags and wrapping paper from this year. You'll be the slow, cautious "unwrapper" after you commit to an ethical Christmas.
You may never rip open presents in excitement again (but you'll be so proud of yourself, there won't be much for the black rubbish bag).

Making your own saves money. Use anything you have... Pillowcases, scarves, tea towels, foil, old sheet.

I've been collecting fabric for two years. I save fast-fashion that's stretched out or damaged, plus tissue paper and ribbon.

Rather than building a "stash," peruse charity shops.

If you have kids, you're probably used to having colouring everywhere. Whether your toddler paints at home or your kids bring art home from school, use it as present wrap.

I hope you got what you're looking for. If you still confused, our team can help you in your packaging help. Just connect us with our Instagram.

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