Congrats! You're A Conscious Consumer If You Do This

Conscious Consumerism

Shopping ethically is challenging given the abundance of options.

Even the most savvy shopper could feel overwhelmed if greenwashing is added to the equation.

I have 4 credit cards, and don't know what to do with them :D

The issue is that by touting their "sustainability," polluting firms are confounding everyone. By purchasing their goods, you give them the money they need to keep doing what they're doing.

Buzzwords like "eco-friendly" are unregulated, which unfairly places all the responsibility on customers. Many of those lack the information or are merely uninterested.

A thoughtful consumer digs further to make sure they are only patronising businesses that have a good effect on the environment and people. Let's go deeper to understand more about Conscious Consumerism.


Conscious consumers exclusively support businesses that share their own personal ideals. The ethical consumer will research a company's supply chain transparency, animal rights practises, and environmental effect before giving them money.

Due to the diversity of human values and views, there are many different types of conscious consumers. One person might be more concerned with boycotting businesses that operate overseas and pay starvation wages while evading their taxes, while another person would be more interested in purchasing cruelty-free goods.

Additionally, because of their many privileges and situations, individuals may find it difficult or impossible to make the decisions they would like to.

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If you have extra money, you can decide to support sustainable businesses and buy organic, Fairtrade foods instead of focusing on decreasing your food waste and buying secondhand.

You may appreciate the grace and power of this collective action when you consider all individual conscientious customers as a whole. However, there must be room for a wide range of opinions and convictions if we are to achieve the just society that we all long for.


Profits are prioritised over the environment in our economic system. Governments and corporations are not going to stop, even if it means millions more deaths.

Although a total system reform is what we really need, consumers actually have much more power than we realise because we pay for these changes.

Individually, the change barely makes a difference, but collectively, we can (and are!) make a difference.

Here are a few advantages of mindful consumption:

  • First of all, It saves money :D
  • Instead of supporting billionaires, you may help small businesses.
  • You're indirectly standing against child labour.
  • More decluttered house and life.
  • No animal cruelty, no waste
  • Due to consumer demand, unethical firms are gradually changing their ways.

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Chin Up! You Are Doing Great ;)

People who are conscious frequently have strong feelings of eco-guilt or -shame, especially when they are new to this cause. I really believe that this is a waste of energy, but if you don't deal with the emotions, you might get worry or burnout.

A small number of extremely large corporations are to blame for the environmental damage the world is currently seeing, and governments have permitted this to happen.

Because it is something you cannot control, blaming yourself for previous choices or current behaviours is not constructive.

So don't worry what other people say, if you don't need it. Don't buy it, simple.

Now comes the most interesting part

Qualities Of A Conscious Consumer

  • You buy less, and think a lot more times and it's impact before buying.
  • You do a lot of research about the product and understand the marketing gimmick very well.
  • You prefer to reuse old stuff or always good to make minor adjustment rather than complaining about everything.
  • You do a lot of self care and happy making activities.
  • You support the idea of survival very strongly which means we should 

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