Conscience and Spirituality From Nature


You must have experienced that the morning yoga that you do at your home, when done out in the open air, under the sun and with chirping birds surrounding you, gives you more peace and fulfilment.

When seen on an everyday basis, this is the closest indication of nature’s huge role in connecting to our soul. Have you ever thought why the open world outside beckons us more than crouching up inside our little apartments?

If yes, have you ever found the answer? If yes, please let us know. Because we are still in search of it.

Nature Spirituality
However, what we have realized is, accepting the fact and relishing it makes our lives more peaceful and creates happy and content individuals in us.
Spirituality, however difficult, unachievable or larger-than-life it might seem, is actually a part of every human, and that has been embedded in us by nature herself.

It is yoga, the journey of the self by the self to the self. We have evolved from the simplest of beings to real complex forms, and in this journey, we have consciously documented in memory, speech or writing, the natural factors that can overpower us, and over time, started to worship them with reverence.


We knew which misdeeds of us would ‘anger’ the Gods, which let us be refrained from what we must not do. Most of these must-not-do activities are ecologically harmful, and we have learnt to respect nature in her own glory and beauty that way. Until the time that we started advancing in leaps and bounds in the technical aspects, and we took an upper-hand over the regular acts of nature.

We melt her and burnt her and choked her to near-death conditions. aspects, and we took an upper-hand over the regular acts of nature.

Reconnect with nature

We melt her and burnt her and choked her to near-death conditions. 
Does this not prick our conscience? Is this not spirituality? Being one with nature, being able to decipher the voices of the falling leaves, to sit under trees or by the rivers, understanding all the cute and sly games that the squirrels play – what is this if not spirituality? Nature has gifted us with all the senses to observe and feel her in her full mighty beauty.

Whatever dos and don’ts that we are innately aware of, is the result of our conscience being in action 24*7, 365 days a year, until our death. Working on them, polishing them and refining them, makes our conscience sharper, and more developed, and lets us live our life in peace and on a path of virtue, without any regrets.

Very recently, on April 6th, we celebrated the International day of conscience. It is done in honor of our biggest gift of life, and to urge us to take the virtuous path by having a clear conscience, leading to a clear understanding of what is wrong and what is right. But here is the thought – have you been conscious enough on your part, towards our society, our humankind, and the earth at large?

Have you been considerate enough to think before you took any action, if that would affect the environment (including your fellow humans and animals) positively or negatively? If this though had ever crossed your mind, you have already started strolling down the path of conscience.

Because once you become conscious of your surroundings and environment, however strong may be your urge to take an action which might negatively affect others, you would definitely try and make an alternate way out.
All the alternative lifestyles of living, including veganism, zero-waste lifestyles, etc., have rooted from this kind of conscious thought processes. Eco-friendly, zero-waste, vegan stores are now found quite a lot in number, and they have been making the commercial market revolutionised.
How can you make the switch?

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