Bath Salt - The Best Gift For This Diwali


Diwali is just around the corner and you must be worried about what special twist you can bring in this gifting season. Well, fikr not! As GoingZero brings to you the coolest yet greenest option you can gift your closest people this Diwali - bath salts!
Why bath salts out of all other sustainable zero-waste options, you might think.

Let’s just go through its health benefits first, and then we’ll step into the aesthetics.


1. Rejuvenates skin

Natural, pure, Himalayan rock-salts in their most pristine form, possess all the vital nutrients that your skin needs, like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. They get absorbed into the pores of the skin while taking a refreshing hot water bath and cleanses and purifies its surface. Thus, your skin is left glowing clear and healthy!


2. Detoxifies!

When we talk about hot water baths, detox comes foremost to our minds. Bath salts act as a blessing here too, as they seep into the skin through the pores opened up (by warm water), thus drawing out all harmful bacteria and toxins absorbed by the skin during the day, and therefore ensuring complete cleansing. Your skin looks youthful and clear!

3. Helps treat skin and bone problems

Spa baths with bath salts have been effectively proven to help reduce insomnia and skin itchiness. Apart from that, they also help in treating serious health conditions like tendonitis and osteoarthritis, which are very common today.

4. Heals and relaxes

While they primarily hydrate the skin by enhancing blood circulation and moisture retention, bath salts also promote regeneration of skin cells and wound healing. Having salt bath spas reduces inflammation of the joints and muscles, thereby relaxing them, and relieving pain and soreness.

5.Improves mental health

Any kind of relaxing spa enhances mental health, and bath salts are no exception. When your body and skin become detoxified and healthy, your mind becomes more cheerful. Apart from that, the aesthetics that these bath salts bring, give an added factor of feel-good vibes to the user.


6. Makes you look younger!

With all the good mental and physical health benefits that you obtain from bath salts, your skin feels comfortable in itself. It shows by the healthy youthful glow it emanates! Regular use of bath salt reduces the piling up of oils, toxins, and pollutants, as well as the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They aid in balancing the moisture levels of the skin and plumps it up, to make it look soft and supple. Your skin then radiates the glow it always had, which had been lost in the chores of daily life.


7. Aesthetically pleasing and zero-waste!


These bath salts come in calming pastel shades and cute recyclable glass containers that are cool, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing, all at the same time! The winter season is arriving, and so are the skin problems associated with it. So for Diwali that precedes the winter, gifting vegan bath salts would be a great idea to keep up your zero-waste ideal, while also being a cool-gifter!


These make very thoughtful gifts as they signify that you have been thinking about their health and well-being when choosing the gift, that too from sustainable options. Your best people would be pleased to know that the Diwali gifts that they received do not really add up to the ever-burdening carbon footprints of us humans. Moreover, they symbolize prosperity and stability in the homes that they are kept.

These would also act as stress busters and make the perfect wellness gift on a pious occasion like Diwali! What’s more, these bath salts come infused with essential oils like lavender, that give the benefits of pleasant smell as well as aromatic skincare, thus enhancing your mood in this festive season!


So what are you waiting for? Practice green-gifting and go zero-waste by giving your best people the choicest 100% natural, vegan bath salts this Diwali.

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Written by: Sharmistha Chatterjee

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