7 Ways to Celebrate An Eco-friendly Navratri


Navratri is the most glorious of all Indian festivals. It is celebrated as Dussehra, Navratri is known as the festival of darkness, it is the time when many Indian women light candles and parade in saris. Navratri symbolizes the win of good over evil. Goddess Durga is said to be descending on earth at this annual festival. The festival lasts for nine days in which different rituals are performed followed by the immersion of the idol in water bodies. At the end of the festival, a huge amount of waste is seen littering our water bodies. The solution lies in celebrating an Eco-friendly Navratri. Celebrating Navratri in an environment-friendly manner is easier than you might think. Here in this article, we will discuss some alternatives to plastic and some ideas to celebrate Navratri without harming the environment.

Why celebrate plastic-free Navratri?

Festivals With the arrival of festivals in India air, water, and noise pollution is increased many folds. However, with a little effort, festivals can be celebrated in an Eco-friendly manner. The theme of Eco-friendly Navratri is not new. Navratri observes offerings, huge idols of goddesses, and dandiya dance to celebrate the nine avatars of goddess Durga. On the final day, these idols are immersed in water bodies like rivers and oceans leaving a huge mess behind. This problem can be solved by celebrating Eco-friendly Navratri. Spending an Eco-friendly Navratri is not difficult. With little effort, you can have all the grand festivities and fun during Navratri without compromising on the environment

7 ways to spend an Eco-friendly Navratri

1.Go for Eco-friendly idols and doll

Immersion of Idols made up of plaster of Paris plays havoc with our water bodies. Plaster of Paris does not degrade easily, and the chemical used to color the idols further pollutes water making it inappropriate for human consumption. Eco-friendly idols can be used during Navratri. A variety of options are available. with a little creativity, you can make your idol at home using clay. Clay is an excellent biodegradable material. You can use natural ingredients like rice flour, turmeric, or other spices to color your idol. Another idea to celebrate eco-friendly Navratri is to encourage people to immerse the idol in water tanks rather than in rivers and seas.

2. Eco-friendly Decorations

During the nine days of Navratri, houses are decorated beautifully. Traditionally plastic or thermocol decorations are being used which are hazardous to the environment. This Navratri, decorate your homes with natural flowers and leaves. Floral decorations not only look prettier than plastic and thermocol decorations, but they also add freshness to your home. This Namaste Coaster is a good idea for plastic-free home decor this Navratri.

3. Eco-friendly Rangoli

Rangoli is an important part of Indian festival celebrations. Various harmful chemicals, colors, and paints are used in making rangoli. Instead of using these harmful chemicals, you can make your rangoli with natural ingredients. Rice flour, ground lentils, and spices can be used in place of synthetic colors. Another idea is to make a flower rangoli that is organic and pretty at the same time.

4. Use Organic Incense

Incense is used for religious, medicinal, or meditational purposes. In Hinduism, Incense sticks are widely used in poojas. Harmful chemicals in this incense lower the air quality of the surroundings and cause air pollution. This Navratri, switch towards Eco-friendly options when choosing incense sticks for your pooja. Try our  Citronelle Incense Cones for a soothing pooja experience.

5.Switch Towards Eco-friendly Fashion Items

Festivals are the best time to shed your everyday attire and don stylish dresses.  Fashion is an integral part of our celebrations. With the increased awareness about the environment, fashion trends are changing very quickly. More and more people are considering sustainable fashion options. Going zero has a whole collection of sustainable clothing and makeup to choose from. Our Natural Lip Balm is a must-try. In this festival season, style yourself in an Eco-friendly manner with these lovely Marigold And Rose Scrunchies

6. Opt For Traditional Lights

Our festivals are never completed without using fancy lights. These decorative fancy LED lights have a serious impact on the environment. Switching to natural lights will solve the issue. Diya and candles are an inexpensive and Eco-friendly alternative to plastic lights. You can use fragrant candles of your favorite natural fragrance to add purity and calmness to your surrounding while you do your pooja. Another bonus of using candles for lighting is that you can be energy efficient in your celebrations by conserving electricity.

7. Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

During Navratri, it is customary to gift some Kumkum and betel leaves to women and children who visit our home. With the growing environmental awareness, many Eco-friendly gift options are available for you. Here is a list of some interesting gift ideas to consider this Navratri.

Bamboo Crafted Flower Vas: this beautiful vase is an excellent gift idea for your loved ones.

Calm Coasters ( Set Of 2) you can gift these coasters to a home-obsessed friend.

Coconut Shell Mug: this beautiful mug is an amazing and cost-friendly gift option to present to your loved ones this Navratri.

Handmade Bath Soap-Crafted For Kids: These beautifully crafted bath soaps are the best to develop sustainable habits in children.

Natural Shampoo Bar: These shampoo bars will make a cost-effective and Eco-friendly gift for your friends and family.

Cleanup Campaigns

This is probably the most important step to celebrate Navratri in an Eco-friendly way. After the festival is over, a pile of decorative items, idols, lights, and polythene bags is seen littering everywhere. Committees, NGOs, and societies should encourage cleanup campaigns to dispose of the waste and lower the impact on the environment. for more sustainable cleaning product options, check out our cleanup essentials.


The auspicious festival of Dussehra is a time of spirituality, joy, hope, and celebration in Indian culture. If celebrated mindfully, we can make this festival even more enjoyable and Eco-friendly. Celebrating an Eco-friendly Navratri does not mean you cannot have fun at this festival. All you need is to ban plastic stuff and switch towards biodegradable options. Navratri will become more exciting when we could take pleasure in conserving our environment while celebrating our traditional festival.

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