How to Make Zero Waste Diwali? Do's and Don'ts


Is a zero-waste Diwali even possible? Well, GoingZero has always provided you with the perfect, yet affordable sustainable solutions to environmentally unfriendly practices, and today we are going to do the same!

Here are 5 ways how you can also celebrate a perfectly zero-waste, vegan, eco-friendly Diwali, and enjoy it to your fullest without cutting out on an inch of the celebrations!

Diwali is the festival of lights, prosperity, health, and happiness. It is said that on this day, Shree Rama returned to his city Ayodhya with his wife Devi Sita, after defeating the demon king Raavan of Lanka. In response, the whole of Ayodhya celebrated the homecoming of their beloved king and queen after 14 long years, by lighting up their homes and bursting crackers. It is also said that the souls of the ancestors of the Hindus who celebrate this festival, return to their abode of the afterlife, on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi. To show them their way through the dark moonless night, the Hindus light us their homes and burst firecrackers to give them light through the ground and the sky.
The whole of India celebrates Diwali with utmost joy and hope, for a long 5 days period, starting from Dhanteras, moving on to  Naraka Chaturdashi, Deepavali, Govardhan Puja and finally culminating in the beautiful Bhai Dooj celebrations. The festival invariably brings in a lot of gifting, food, and togetherness. But if you are on a zero-waste journey, how will you make those little changes to your Diwali celebrations to make it a sustainable one? To get the hang of it, read on below.

Use earthen diyas and wax candles instead of putting up plastic fairy lights

Earthen diyas (oil lamps) which have been traditionally used in Indian homes from times immemorial are perfect, degradable, and zero-waste lighting devices that can be used in huge numbers to light up our homes instead of fairy lights heavily laden with plastic. These diyas not only have the zero-waste bonus but also add aesthetics and purity to your homes. Pure paraffin wax candles like coconut candles also do a fair job when we think of fairy light alternatives. By choosing these sustainable alternatives over plastic fairy lights, you will also choose the small local businesses and help in their growth.

Do not burst firecrackers; if you want you can use green crackers

Bursting harmful firecrackers have been under the legal radar for quite some time now, and for legit reasons. They not only cause air pollution with all the ashes of flammable chemicals released into the air after they burst, but they also damage the eardrums of unsuspecting animals, as well as old people and children, effectively causing significant noise pollution. If you at all feel the need to burst them due to our age-old traditions, Now many firecracker companies have brought forth green crackers after the legal crackdown, and you can research some of these to buy and burst to have a safer and cleaner Diwali, although, in our opinion, it is best if we refrain from crackers fully.


Make your own vegan foods at home, eat, and distribute them to spread the joy of clean celebrations

Diwali is incomplete without lots of good food and sweets, distributed between friends and family. If you are a vegan, Kudos! Make your own vegan sweets, and surprise your friends and families over dinners with their richness and quality! If you are still not one, please try to prepare your food and sweets at home, rather than buying them from the shops. There is nothing sweeter than handmade food, which oozes warmth and love. It also reduces wastage, because we at home usually try to use up every bit of food leftovers. So, why not? You can also show off your sustainable cutleries to your guests and amaze and inspire them to become zero-wasters like you!

Reuse and repurpose old clothes instead of buying new ones

A lot of people buy new clothes on Diwali, as a tradition. If you are in dire need of clothes, definitely go ahead. But try to buy those cloth pieces which can be worn long-term, and give you good value for money. Quality over quantity, always! But if there is no urgent need, you can rearrange and repurpose your old dressing sets, mix and match them, and give them newer twists to create completely new sets of dresses! It’s time to fall in love with your creativity this Diwali!

Gift zero-waste items to your friends and family

Amaze your friends and family by gifting them some bit different items this Diwali. Let them know that you care for the earth and the environment. Inspire them to do that too! There is a range of different yet cool and individualistic products available in the market which you can gift, like zero-waste bath salts, body butter and lip care sets, torans, wooden home decor, and incense cones. If you are unsure of how even bath salts could be the perfect Diwali gifts, know about it here.
So, here were some of the tips that we thought could be useful for you to celebrate an earth-friendly, sustainable Diwali. Let us know in the comments if you have more ideas like these! We are GoingZero , your best friend for an affordable zero-waste journey!

Written by: Sharmistha Chatterjee

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