10 New Year Resolutions for The Most Beautiful 2023


2023 New Year Resolutions

This time of year, many of us evaluate our accomplishments and goals. Shouldn't goal-setting change in a year with additional challenges?

A 2023 new year is a chance to start green habits and reset sustainable ones.

If you make resolutions, why not adopt a holistic definition of sustainability for a positive, purposeful 2023? Ten New Year's health and sustainability tips.

1. Discuss climate change

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe calls talking about climate change one of the most important things we can do right now in her blockbuster book Saving Us. Discussing the subject doesn't require climate science.

The science is 150 years old. Instead, it involves sharing problems and finding common ground. Talking to family, friends, coworkers, and leaders raises awareness and encourages action. We behave too.

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2. Eat plant-based

Whether you're vegan or not, science says reducing beef and dairy consumption helps the environment. Food production emits about 25% of global carbon, according to National Geographic. Methane and nitrous oxide emissions from beef and dairy lead this category.

Scientists say changing diets is the only way to slow global warming. Reduce your meat consumption this year. Start slowly with a couple vegetarian dinners a week. Some find eating no meat until dinner easier. 

Gardening soared last year due to food security worries. Even if shop shelves are full, growing some of your own food reduces greenhouse gas emissions by reducing transportation and packing. Organic fertilisers and procedures assist the world more.

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4. Love Composting

Like the cattle industry, organic waste in landfills emits methane, raising global temperatures. Composting kitchen scraps eliminates this load. Gardening with it reduces synthetic fertilisers, boosts yields, and improves soil.

Composting food and yard waste is easier than ever. If you don't have curbside pick-up, try a super-fast composter that fits your size and needs. 

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5. Hate fossil fuels

If your investments survived the pandemic, you may be considering modifications. Companies and organisations divest from fossil fuel expansion, but individual choices matter.

Banking on Climate Chaos, released in 2021, is essential reading. The research states that 35 banks have spent $2.7 trillion in fossil fuel expansion since the 2016 Paris Accord. These banks exploit retirement and education funds and house mortgages to finance environmentally hazardous projects.

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6. Get outside.

Staying informed is good, but too much may be demoralising. Daily web news and pseudo-science is staggering. This onslaught can harm us physically and mentally.

Limits this year. Walk outside with the extra time. 20 minutes in a park might boost your attitude and happiness.

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7. Choose Right Information

This year, media and family divisiveness challenged many of us. It was hard to remember that people have different perspectives and can listen without agreeing.

Mirrored or reflective listening helps ease these interactions. Psychologists recommend using this technique to hear emotional content and de-escalate volatile situations. Both parties learn from this style of listening.

To listen reflectively, first try to understand and then share what you think someone is saying. Since most people talk to be heard, a real response is frequently appreciated. Active listening takes practise, but amazing resources abound.

8. Wear Your Smile

In a difficult year, smiling offers personal benefits as well as positive effects on others. Smiling releases dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. These compounds reduce stress, mood, and physical pain. Good? More.

Smiling boosts beauty and calms others, according to science. Smiling activates the reward centre in both brains. A cerebral cortex communication makes them smile back, making your interaction more positive. Smiling boosts creativity and problem-solving.

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9. Kick Your Fear

American fear and anxiety have increased during the previous two years. While severe instances require caution and treatment, many people can minimise fear by making more aware choices.

Limiting coffee and alcohol can assist, according to the ADAA. Along with identifying and avoiding triggers, getting enough sleep and exercise can reduce stress and anxiety.

Instead of nighttime doomscrolls, select activities that bring you delight. Helping your community can lessen worries. Some psychologists encourage theatre improv.

10. Adapt Kindness

Wayne Dyer wrote, “When given the choice between being correct and being nice, pick kind.” This year, chief medical officers from Chicago to Vancouver recommended kindness to combat the dread and uncertainty of our changing times. This advise makes sense.

Kindness lowers blood pressure, depression, and anxiety while increasing oxytocin and happiness. Kindness improves life satisfaction, physical health, and possibly longevity, according to a Western Reserve University School of Medicine study.

Kindness can help us navigate the unfamiliar. It can also help us persevere when change is imminent.

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