10 Awesome Tips for An Eco-Friendly And Clean Diwali


 Eco Friendly Diwali

The biggest Indian festival Diwali is approaching. Get ready to share joy and happiness. In Hinduism, Diwali is celebrated with friends and family. Gifts are exchanged. Lighting and bursting crackers are integral parts of Diwali celebrations we can’t even imagine celebrating Diwali without bursting crackers.  But we must be considerate in our Diwali celebrations. Bursting crackers might be fun for a short time, but they have serious environmental effects. Chemicals and gases in crackers are the worst type of pollution that we are willingly contributing to our air.

We at going zero are trying to make your eco-friendly celebrations more fun without harming the environment. here are 10 tips for you for clean and eco-friendly Diwali celebrations.

1. Organic Rangoli

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated throughout India. We want to decorate our homes in the best way possible before the festival. Making Rangoli an addition to the beauty of our homes. However chemical colors add to the pollution around us. The solution lies in making an organic rangoli made up of natural flowers and rice etc. natural ingredients like turmeric, Kumkum, rice, and lentils can be used to make organic rangoli. You can enhance the beauty of your rangoli with natural flowers like roses, lotuses, or Champa.

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2. Cook At Home

Festivals are not completed without food. Diwali is no exception. In detail, we like to indulge in our favorite foods, especially sweets. Sweets are a good option to gift your friends and family.  You can reduce the amount of plastic waste this Diwali by avoiding take-out and preparing wholesome meals at home.

3. Switch To Eco-Friendly Gift Options

Be sensible with what you gift to your loved ones. There are lots of sustainable gifting options available on that you must check out. GoingZero Happiness Card is an excellent choice for a mindful gift to your friends. It is a plastic-free digital gift card that your friends will surely love.

4. Use Diya Instead of Candles

Diya is far more sustainable than candles. Consider avoiding candles completely this Diwali and opt for the beautiful alternative of divas that are reusable and plastic free. Burning days produces less air pollution than burning candles.

5. Say No To Crackers

Celebrate this Diwali without bursting crackers. I admit that it’s fun to engage with these activities on Diwali. However, be conscious of the huge environmental cost that comes with it. Bursting crackers result in producing harmful chemicals in the air and pollute our surroundings.

6. Limit Plastic Usage

Be mindful about your purchases. There are many ways in which you can reduce the amount of plastic we use at the Diwali festival. Avoid plastic gift wraps and look for organic and sustainable options. If you are mindful, you can replace most of the plastic items with sustainable alternatives.

7. Recycle

Another way to celebrate Diwali more sustainably is by recycling the things you have used. Small practices like recycling make a huge difference in reducing the amount of pollution and unwanted waste.

8. Reuse

Instead of making a lot of purchases, think of the things that you can reuse from the last year. There are lots of decorations and lighting that can be reused over and over. Reusing stuff is a great way to be more sustainable.

9. Gift Sensible

Diwali celebration is not complete without gifts. Make sure your gifts are eco-friendly. By being just a little conscious about your gifting choices you can make a huge impact on the environment.

10. Go For Sustainable Diwali Postcards

Gifting postcards is a great way to show how much you care for your loved ones. You can get an ideal pack of nine postcards from to show your love this Diwali. These cards are available in beautiful eye-catching designs that you are bound to fall in love with.


Diwali celebrations are not complete without making colorful rangoli decorating with fancy lights and bursting crackers, all these chemicals have detrimental environmental costs. It is the need of the hour to switch to organic options. An eco-friendly Diwali celebration will decrease the noise and pollution. We at going zero are trying to make your eco-friendly celebrations more fun without harming the environment. here are 10 tips for you for clean and eco-friendly Diwali celebrations.If you want to read more amazing content, subscribe to our website going zero and get email alerts about new articles and blogs. 

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